Data about new incidents are added to the Crime Data Explorer on the 15th of the following month. Once published, all data are updated on a daily basis. A CSV file containing all public data is available for download using the link below. The file does not contain juvenile data, which has been withheld to ensure adherence with Minnesota law. The file contains following elements:

Data Element Description
Agency ORI The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) is a unique, nine-character number that identifies each reporting agency.
Agency Name Name of the reporting agency.
Incident Number A unique case number assigned by a law enforcement agency to identify a particular incident
Incident Date Date the incident occurred
Bias Act An act or action taken when the bias offense occurred.
Bias Based On Indicates if the bias reported was based on the belief of the officer, victim, or both.
Bias Target Identifies if the target of the bias incident was a person or public/private property.
Disposition Indicates the status of the incident.
UCR offense The Uniform Crime Reporting offense that was reported to, or became known to, a Law Enforcement Agency.
Location type Type of location where the offense occurred.
Bias Motivation Indicates the type of bias that motivated the offender to commit the offense.
Offender Sequence Number Sequential number related to an offender.
Offender Age Indicates age of an offender.
Offender Sex Indicates the gender of an offender.
Offender Race Indicates the race of an offender.
Offender Ethnicity Indicates the ethnicity of an offender.
Offender Number to be Related Offender Number to be Related is used to report the Offender Sequence Number to each offender identified in Relationship of Victim to Offender.
Victim Sequence Number A unique sequential number assigned to each victim involved in an incident.
Victim Type The type of victim the crime was committed against.
Victim Age Indicates the age of a victim.
Victim Sex Indicates the gender of a victim.
Victim Race Indicates the race of a victim.
Victim Ethnicity Indicates ethnicity of a victim.
Victim Resident Status Indicates whether the victim is a resident of the jurisdiction where the crime occurred.
Victim Connected To Offense Identifies the offense that the person was a victim of.
Relationship Victim To Offender Identifies the relationship between a victim and their offender.